Spartan Racing Pigeons – Origins

Spartan Racing Pigeons was created by two successful Pigeon Fanciers who were discussing the merits of high priced pigeons especially those from Europe and whether their contribution to a lofts success justified the high price. We reached the conclusion that a pedigree on its own rarely proved a guarantee for racing success and what was needed was a more pragmatic approach to breeding and racing pigeons, that would take into account the actual racing performance of the bird, its parents and/or grandparents.

Spartan Racing Pigeons
Domestic pigeon (Columba livia domestica) Columbidae, spreading wings and landing on isolated blurred background.

We also took into account the size of the loft and the performance of the family of pigeons rather than the exploits of one single pigeon i.e. we think you are more likely to have winner if it comes from a small/medium size loft (with no room for average pigeons) whose has numerous winning pigeons in their loft rather than say a large loft with one champion pigeon that accounts for the majority of the lofts wins. Another discussion is what accounts for a ‘meaningful win’ and as controversial as it may be we concluded a meaningful win was more than one win and it must be at Federation level and above. The other strand to the discussion was the price that should be paid we thought that auctions did not reflect the value of pigeon and often inflated prices can be paid if Foreign bidders became involved so to provide a level playing field we would value the pigeon at a fixed price depending upon its or its parents performance. i.e. we set out to provide ‘Pigeons with Performance’ at a fair price. The name ‘Spartan Racing Pigeons’ was adopted as the Spartans are universally accepted as one of the toughest and most dedicated warrior forces in ancient Greece who often defeated much larger forces.

The Spartans -The Few Defeat the Many

Spartan Racing Pigeons
A domestic pigeon (Columba livia domestica) in flight blue sky (Vienna, Austria)

One of the most famous battles in history that defines the Spartans was the Battle of Thermopylas where the mighty Spartan King Leonidas with only 400 Spartans held off the impending Persian Army numbering many thousands. The eventual result having held the Persians at bay for many days was for the Spartans to lose the battle however Leonidas sacrifice served to unite the separate Greek interest and provide the time for them to organise and eventually defeat the invading Persian army. i.e. ‘Spartans allowed the Few to defeat the Many’ the analogy being we aspire for Spartan Pigeons to emulate i.e. small/medium size lofts can compete with any size of loft or field.

A Pigeon Community

This web site is not just about Spartan Racing Pigeons but about Pigeon Racing generally we are hoping the generate a community of like minded Pigeon Fanciers.

To this end we have written some Pigeon Racing Articles that we hope will be of interest to Pigeon Fanciers whatever their experience – and we would welcome feedback, we would love to hear your views, so please contact us, tell us what you think or what you would like us to explore.