Pre Training Diet

Some Fanciers in an attempt to get ahead of pack start training in February.

If you  want to start training I would advise that you keep a eye on the weather and the temperature, one is trying to get the birds fit not overwork or stress them. NB: As my partner points out, at temperatures below 10 degrees Centigrade the birds have a tendency to put on fat (or as he says you seldom see a slim Eskimo) so perhaps one should wait until the temperature is above 10 degrees.

The other check a Fancier should take is the condition of the bird – is it overweight?  if so, this weeks tip is simply to add 30% Depurative to the diet for a week to reduce the weight of birds you plan to train. Athletes cannot effectively train when they are overweight it puts unnecessary stresses on all the organs, it is better to loose a bit weight – then train effectively to improve strength and stamina. 

So to summarise: wait until the temperature is above 10 degrees, then check the weight of your birds and if they are overweight put them on a diet before commencing serious training.

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