Easy Clean Nest Boxes

This time of year most Pigeon Fanciers thoughts are on Pairing and Breeding so I thought I would provide a simple tip to help you keep the nest boxes clean.

As you are all aware squeakers generally mess over the side of the nest bowl onto the walls and floor of the nest box giving the fancier a time consuming job clearing up.

This tip will save you time and improve the environment for the birds.

I buy flat pack cardboard boxes that are wider then my nest bowls but narrower and less height than the nest box i.e. the box will fit into your nest box and the nest bowl will fit into the cardboard box. (NB: I buy them off the web in a pack of 25 for less than 50p each)

I then cut the box diagonally from the top back corners to the front bottom corners – these leaves me with two nest box liners with the tall back against the rear wall of the nest box and the front edge being the entrance to the nest box and bowl, the cardboard liner protects the rear wall, floor and both sides from the squeakers mess. I often also cut up squares of old Newspapers the size of the floor of the box.

I then spray the nest box with an anti-bacteria, substance put down some anti mite powder and insert the cardboard liner which shields the birds from any effects of the spray and powder. I then put several squares of Newspaper on the cardboard liner floor and  then place the bowl on Newspaper on the cardboard liner.

On a daily basis I lift the Nest bowl and remove one layer of dirty Newspaper from the floor of the box and replace the bowl on a fresh sheet of Newspaper.

When I think it is time for a more through cleaning time I prepare a clean fresh cardboard liner with sheets of Newspaper and a nest bowl, I then simply pull out together the used/dirty liner and nest bowl and substitute the clean fresh one and then transfer the squeakers to the new clean nest, which takes a few seconds and causes the minimum of disruption. NB: In my Stock Loft I use cardboard nest bowls so I put the liner and bowl on the compost heap. those with clay or reusable bowls will obviously need to clean and dry them for later use. I hope this simple tip helps you spend more quality time with your birds and less time cleaning nest boxes.

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